Swapin breaks down the barriers between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance

Swapin breaks down the barriers between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance

Years ago, the concept of cryptocurrencies was so specific that it was known only to technology enthusiasts and early investors. Governments did not take the emerging industry seriously, nor did the world of traditional finance. Banks usually blocked transactions involving cryptocurrencies, so expecting the two worlds to coexist peacefully seemed unimaginable.

Over the years, as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum became more popular, these barriers weakened. Today, Swapin, a pioneer in cryptocurrency-to-fiat payments is ready to break down the remaining barriers once and for all and bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency community and the traditional banking system.

Swapin: a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance

Swapin is a friendly platform full of innovative B2C solutions (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). Each one provides a different way to integrate cryptocurrency-to-fiat payments into everyday things like paying bills, paying for products and services, or even sending money to family and friends.

The full set of Swapin solutions includes Instafill and Instapay for the consumer, as well as E-Com and CoinCollector, designed for merchants and various business segments. The company is also working hard on planning another product called Instabuy and you are striving to get your e-money institution license and present a virtual IBAN implementation.

These licenses will allow Swapin to add more services that replace traditional banks forever. The promise offered by the company and its products have attracted several world-renowned companies to reach a new audience of enthusiastic cryptocurrency users. Partners include E-Jewels, RE/MAX, Aufort Gold and others specializing in real estate, jewelry and luxury goods.

The benefits of Swapin for consumers and businesses

When it comes to consumers, users can take advantage of Swapin’s Instafill to set up recurring payments for invoices of utilities, memberships, subscriptions or any other type of monthly payment. Instapay is another similar solution ideal for unique needs, such as making payment for a purchase or sending money to a friend’s bank account.

With ease, companies and merchants can integrate Swapin solutions into their business operations and sales initiatives. CoinCollector allows companies to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and receive fiat money in their bank account through invoices, which automatically fill in all the information related to the transaction.

E-Com provides even more flexibility to businesses by allowing them to integrate a Swapin widget within their online storefronts. When a customer pays, a bank account connected to Swapin will instantly receive euros, and in the future – sterling. Swapin also eliminates the risk associated with cryptocurrency market volatility and, at the same time, it alleviates regulatory or accounting concerns of digital assets.

The story behind Swapin

Only a company that truly understands the challenges faced by its customers has the opportunity to reinvent itself. Swapin faced the same challenges that it seeks to solve today. Swapin co-founder and CEO Ewald Hannes-Kree got his start in cryptocurrencies during the early days of the industry, when no one was working with companies related to digital assets.

Instead of giving up, Kree sought to create what eventually became Swapin, with the aim of bridging the gap between the world of digital finance and the traditional banking system. Today, Swapin has just completed a successful funding round of 1.68 million euros. He attracted talented icons from the investment, crypto, IT and banking industry to build a new team and launch an ambitious roadmap.

With all this in mind, it’s time to see what Swapin solutions can do for you. Whether you are a consumer who wants to pay with cryptocurrencies or a company looking to accept them, Swapin breaks the barrier with cryptocurrency payments to fiat money. Learn more about Swapin on the official website.

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