A Bitcoin ATM is installed in the Senate of Mexico

A Bitcoin ATM is installed in the Senate of Mexico

A bitcoin ATM is now installed in the Senate of Mexico, as reported today by Senator Indira Kempis, one of the main promoters of the pioneering cryptocurrency in the North American country.

“We put the first bitcoin ATM at the headquarters of the Mexican Senate. It is for educational purposes towards inclusion and the financial education of the future”, post Kempis via his Twitter account.

Kempis commented exclusively for Criptonews that for the first time, the Mexican Senate has a bitcoin ATM, something that he considers gives legitimacy to the agenda he has been pushing in favor of cryptocurrency regulation.

We have made a big bet on financial education, because we are very happy to be able to present this alternative and to be able to explain to the curiosity of people who also show a lot of interest, because there are people in Mexico who at this moment do not even know what bitcoin is.

Indira Kempis, Mexican senator.

The initiative is applauded on social networks by the cryptocurrency ecosystem, even some senators note that it is now possible to buy and sell bitcoin at the ATM installed in the Senate. Lawmakers have come out in agreement that it is a good time to build the economy of the future

For his part, José Rodríguez, director of Talent Land, indicated that the bitcoin ATM belongs to the ChainBytes firm and suggested the possibility of more devices being installed in other Mexican cities.

“Monterrey and Guadalajara are where we have noticed the greatest interest”, say Rodriguez. ChainBytes said that he worked in conjunction with the bitcoin ATM operator Axolotl, based in Mexico to install a new device in the country’s capital, specifically in the Senate of the Republic.

Eric Grill, CEO of ChainBytes indicated that with the installation of the ATM in the legislative building he hopes to have built in a great way so that those in charge of working on Mexican laws get acquainted with Bitcoin technology.”We hope that this will help bitcoin to be accepted as legal tender in Mexico,” he added.

In this regard, it should be added that according to Coin ATM Radar data so far only there are about 13 machines installed in Mexican territory, not including the one that was activated today. Most of them are in Mexico City.

As reported by Criptonews, last weekend a forum on the pioneering cryptocurrency was held at the Senate headquarters. On that occasion the community, together with the legislators evaluated the route that should be followed to finalize a law regulating the cryptocurrency industry.