You can now apply for a loan with bitcoin as collateral at DitoBanx

You can now apply for a loan with bitcoin as collateral at DitoBanx

DitoBanx, a provider of financial products and payment processing in bitcoin, announced on May 10, 2022 that its customers will be able to request credits in various fiat currencies and digital assets with bitcoin as a guarantee backing thereof.

Thanks to this innovative product, a company or natural person can decide the amount of the loan and the term in which they want the funds. This will automatically determine the interest rate. Once the required information is completed, the funds will be sent within 48 hours to the traditional account of the one who applied for the credit.

Credits with bitcoin as collateral, the new DitoBanx product

To access this service, it is only necessary to log in to the DitoBanx website. The guarantee for the credits in bitcoin is kept in cold vaults by the company CoinLoan. This innovative product is made possible by the partnership with CoinLoan, leaders in granting bitcoin-backed loans since 2017 in Europe.

“At DitoBanx we aim to improve the quality of access to working capital for small, medium and large companies that require innovative and specialized tools that allow them to take advantage of the opportunity to finance themselves by using bitcoin for that purpose.”

Guillermo Contreras, CEO and Founder of DitoBanx.

DitoBanx was the first Salvadoran Fintech licensed to provide tools for receiving payments with bitcoin, which include conversion and automatic delivery in dollars to the traditional account of companies. DitoBanx makes use of lightning technology to make bitcoin payments instant and enjoy the confidence and security that companies need.

The company also has financial tools to carry out additional operations with bitcoin. “Secured loans with bitcoin are an important innovation, since they allow access to capital in USD in an immediate, digital and secure way, without having to get rid of said currency, thus maintaining the opportunity to capitalize on its value in the future”.

Guillermo Contreras, CEO and Founder of DitoBanx.

Within the DitoBanx strategy it is planned start operations in Mexico and the United States in the first half of 2022, with the aim of continuing its plan of expansion and consolidation of the use of bitcoin as a means of value exchange.

About CoinLoan

It is a financial company regulated under the license of the Estonian Financial Authority, operating internationally since 2017. It grants collateralized credits in different cryptocurrencies and uses international custody services.

About DitoBanx DitoBanx

It is a company licensed and regulated under the laws of El Salvador. It provides bitcoin-based financial services to companies and individuals worldwide for the acceptance of point-of-sale payments and international transactions. DitoBanx aims to promote the use of bitcoin as a standardized means of payments and enterprise-level value storage.

For more information, visit the website or write to the e-mail [email protected] .

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