Bitcoin miners “come back to life” thanks to this Venezuelan artist

Bitcoin miners “come back to life” thanks to this Venezuelan artist

Some disused Bitcoin mining equipment has regained its value thanks to the Venezuelan artist Juliette “Juls” Garzón, who launched a collection of 7 pieces that were sold in full in less than 72 hours.

As is known, mainly by those who work in the area, the hardware of bitcoin mining it has a shelf life that comes to an end for several reasons: it loses power in the face of the difficulty of the network and ceases to be profitable for energy consumption, or it deteriorates physically due to its use, although some reach up to more than 7 years

To give a new meaning to these already disused equipment, Juls Garzón intervened them with different techniques adding color and personality to create collectible pieces, achieving that this hardware got new owners in a short time.

Juls is originally from Caracas and resides in Venezuela, although she frequently travels to the United States to work on her projects. The artist studied dentistry at the university level, but confesses that art has always been part of her life.

Since I was very little, art has always been part of my life. Throughout it I have experienced different techniques such as painting, sculpture, goldsmithing. Many of these techniques have been self-taught, others I have studied. I am a dentist and I practiced for 5 years, but then I decided to dedicate myself to art, which is what fills me.

Juls Garzón, artist.

Miners intervened by Juls Garzón.
Antminer S9 ASIC equipment intervened by the artist Juls Garzón. Source: Juls Garzón.

The name of the collection is that of Bit Art, and in addition to Bitcoin miners it includes other pieces, which are accompanied by a non-fungible token or NFT that each buyer receives, as Garzón explained to Criptonews:

The concept of Bit Art is born from my attraction to pop art and the intention to innovate and diversify my artistic experiences, along with the idea of creating real and tangible pieces that beyond art have a concept that connects with those of us in the crypto world. Each physical work also exists as an NFT and is also delivered to whoever buys the piece.

Juls Garzón, artist.

An artistic tribute to Bitcoin miners

Inside Bit Art, the collection of ASIC equipment of mining is named after Artminer, playing with the name of the Antminer team, from the manufacturer Bitmain.


“These are Antminer S9 machines intervened. It is a tribute to the miners who work tirelessly on Bitcoin. It’s kind of a totem pole for a lot of us who have lived close to Bitcoin,” he said.

Since 2016 I ventured into the world of Bitcoin, in mining, and since then I have been involved in this topic. Seeing the mining machines I wanted to launch a collection that was related to this world and that had a meaning beyond being a decorative piece.

I think antminers are machines that work day and night for many years and I think it’s a good way to honor this work and give another use to those machines that then become garbage.

Juls Garzón, artist.

For his part, the miners from the Artminer collection were each sold for 900 US dollars, in less than 72 hours since its launch on May 3.

The miners have already fulfilled their function and could not be connected again to continue exercising the proof of work in the Bitcoin network, but they will be honored forever with the intervention of the Venezuelan artist, instead of being discarded.

The second part of Bit Art is called Mr. Pigcoiner, consisting of a fiberglass and resin sculpture. “It is a character that represents a traditional piggy bank that rebelled and plugged its hole in the back to not save more, and start investing in Bitcoin when realizing that current currencies are devalued,” he explains.

Mr. Pigcoiner, art by Juls Garzón.
Mr. Pigcoiner is the name of the other collection launched by Juls Garzón. Source. Juls Garzón.

Garzón explained that he was inspired by urban art or street art, as well as pop art, for both collections, working with automotive paint or polyester to achieve a more impeccable finish. “It has a lot of manual work of the details, also with gold leaf and crystals. For me the idea is that each piece is unique and different,” he said.

The artist tells CriptoNoticias that she will continue to release more pieces and art collections aimed at bitcoiners, inspired by decentralization.