Snoop Dogg Collaborates with Clay Nation: NFT-Land is Booming

Snoop Dogg Collaborates with Clay Nation: NFT-Land is Booming

The NFT project Clay Nation, which is already successfully operating on the Cardano blockchain, is experiencing an enormous rush for its virtual country. In addition, Clay Nation announces an official partnership with Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici.

The Clay Nation project, known for its wax figures, has been offering three different types of land for sale since yesterday. Baked Nation, Underworld and Sonic Village are the names of the three worlds and can mostly only be conjured by owners of the wax figures. The figures on the Cardano chain were available for purchase via the website already in January.

“Well, what do we know?

The blockchain is very busy, which can mean a waiting time of over two hours. We extend all Mint periods to 36 hours. The reservations are upright. Help us to relieve the chain by mining later.

Let the blockchain breathe.”

Clay Nation clarified the users about Twitter the problems regarding the waiting time for the acquisition of the NFT parcels.

Charles Hoskinson Shows Interest in Clay Nation – Cardano is Proud of another NFT Project

Land is sold in the three worlds listed above. The Baked Nation is very popular because the partnership with Snoop Dogg is supposed to bear fruit there. That’s why only selected users get access to a total of 12,600 pieces of land. At least these users did not have to hold a clay NFT, but qualified elsewhere.

The partnership with Snoop and Medici had already announced Clay Nation in a separate post at the end of March:

Even Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, promoted the project last week in a voice chat via Twitter together with Snoop and his son Champ Medici.

In the Underworld, Clay can score points with a partnership collection with the rock band Good Charlotte. Only Clay Nation or Good Charlotte NFT owners have the right to mine land. Sonic Village is the third part of the country collection. There the project renounces prominent representation.

In the past, it was mainly the wax figures that helped Clay Nation to become famous. With a volume of an incredible 20.9 million Cardano and a minimum price of 2399 Cardano per Figuer, this is one of the most successful projects on the blockchain.

In the future, owners of Baked World will then be offered unreleased music or various collections of Snoop Dogg for sale. This should add even more value to the whole project.


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