Play to Earn platform should become “Netflix of Games”

Play to Earn platform should become “Netflix of Games”

A new platform that lists hundreds of Play to Earn (P2E) Blockchain Games is now on the market. Users can discover reviews, Twitch streams, feature posts, daily earnings and reviews from other gamers with Rainmaker Games.

Rainmaker Games describes the platform as a “specialized discovery service for Play to Earn blockchain Games“. The beta launch reportedly connects over 1 million players who are on a waiting list with 150 blockchain games.

GameFi Investors

Rainmaker has already attracted investors such as Animoca Brands, CoinFund, Polygon Studios and Alameda Research. The Rainmaker Discovery platform also provides publishers with the opportunity to communicate with gamers in this area.

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian believes that monetized games will be the trend of the future. According to DappRadar, there are currently 398 active blockchain games. In order to qualify as a Blockchain game, the games must have at least one active in-game wallet for at least 24 hours. The number of blockchain games has grown significantly in 2022. There are almost twice as many games this year as there were a year ago.

Millions of players are interested in making an income with games. But it can be difficult to figure out what each new blockchain game offers. Statista recently published a survey that revealed that 6 out of 10 players are open to Play to Earn features and could imagine making money on the Metaverse with it.

Rainmaker Games Play to Earn Platform

Play to Earn: The Agony of Choice

According to Rainmaker, it has not been easy for gamers to compare the offers in the blockchain gaming sector so far. “Information is often hard to come by and is often curated by the game makers themselves. Each game is rated and reviewed through the service by a team of 50 players and 2000 guild members, providing much-needed game data that is essential for informing newcomers and is currently lacking in the growing blockchain industry.”

Twitch, Reddit and Twitter discussions will be integrated into the information pages of the games. According to Rainmaker, the listed games must first be accepted and legitimized by the community before listing.

Will Deane is the CEO and co-founder of Rainmaker Games. He explained: “With our beta launch, Rainmaker is now the first discovery platform for players to get information about the best blockchain games. We believe that the opportunity to discover new and exciting titles and an overall great user interface are the keys to bringing P2E games to the mainstream gaming community. Rainmaker Games is poised to have a ubiquitous, Netflix-like impact on games.”

Not an easy task

Deane also explained that the setup was not easy. “Bringing together the world of blockchain games from different chains, platforms and ecosystems in a sleek, user-friendly interface is no easy task. The members of our internal team of designers and engineers are gamers and blockchain enthusiasts who know how to prioritize the user experience for both groups and what information gamers want to know before investing their time and money in the blockchain gaming space.”

A “Netflix of games” sounds good, but will it keep what it promises?


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