NFT Projects to Watch in 2022 – The Most Exciting Collections

NFT Projects to Watch in 2022 – The Most Exciting Collections

NFTs are stored in the blockchain’s digital ledger, which is a type of NFT (short for “non-fungible token”). NFTs vary from cryptocurrencies in that each one is unique and cannot be exchanged for any other NFTs in any other form. 

NFT technology may be used to enhance digital images, written documents, movies, and even real-life assets. It is because of this data and proof that NFTs are unique. 

Ongoing research in the field led us to list some of the most intriguing initiatives below.

Yeti Secret Society

This project’s elite members are those who invest in the Yeti Secret Society. One word sums up the long-term strategy of this project: exclusivity. Twitter and Discord, the project’s social media platforms, keep this developing community up to speed on the newest happenings at the Yeti Secret Society

Investors often consider the NFT’s rarity as part of their due diligence before putting their money on a new project. The Yeti Secret Society is expected to grow in popularity even in the current market because of its emphasis on rarity and uniqueness. 

Clubs and communities play a critical part in the mission of a crypto team. Club privileges will be available to Yeti NFT owners. 

The project’s 600-person boat voyage to Monaco undoubtedly qualifies as a benefit. Events on the team’s island can be attended by celebrities and club members. Meetings with VIPs have been promised in this project. 

Sapphire Studio, a famous MMO game development business, has signed a collaboration with the Yeti Secret Society. By working together, this partnership will lead to the creation of a metaverse and MMO game for the project.

The people that work on this initiative have a lot of experience in the field of online development and growth. Pre-mint users will have first access to the new NFTs, which will be made available to the rest of the community later.


The San Francisco Bay Area has become DeeKay’s permanent home, despite the fact that he was born in Seoul, South Korea. Since he can remember, he has been fascinated by the world of art.

He is also the brains behind the LetsWalk brand of NFTs, in addition to being well-known for his one-of-a-kind artworks. 

Cozomo De Medici, a well-known NFT trader, just paid 225 ETH for the “Destiny” NFT he was selling. Many diverse “walks” may be found in this NFT collection, all of which are significant in their own way since they are unique. 

NFTs often employ “traits,” whereas DeeKay focuses only on the work of art itself. In contrast to the NFT standard, this is the case. 

Traditional rating systems were used in most of the previous NFT initiatives, but LetsWalk allows viewers to express their own opinions on the artwork they are viewing, which may subsequently be shared with other collectors.


Azuki presents itself as a cutting-edge project looking to stand out from the crowd. The founders argue that Azuki is an ideal bridge between the physical and digital world since it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell one from the other in the modern economy. 

Azuki participants get access to “The Garden,” a collection of 10,000 NFTs, as part of the program. The total package includes this award as a standard feature. Azuki has big aspirations for this “Garden,” which he expects will begin to blur the lines between the digital and real worlds. 

Besides streetwear and NFT items, this venture includes live events and collaborations with people associated with Azuki. 

All Azuki community members will have access to a number of benefits as a result of using the project’s native coin. During this one-of-a-kind experiment to explore how web3 works, token holders will have a voice in what happens to the entire project.

Property’s VR

In the NFT digital market, Property’s Virtual Reality, a new real estate game, is easy to find. 

Creating something that has never been done before is the group’s ultimate goal, both within and outside of the metaverse as a whole. The objective of the development team is to add gameplay elements that are familiar to gamers throughout the globe. 

For example, these NFTs depict unique properties that are linked to a certain cultural or economic system. 

Preparing for their public debut, the team has worked tirelessly with several NFT groups and enterprises in an effort to secure licensing deals. 

After participating in the campaign, there will be Crypto Baristas-themed coffee shops and carts. Investors are keeping a careful eye on this project since it is a component of the user-generated universe, a strong trend in the blockchain community.

Invisible Friends

The Invisible Friends NFT collection’s 5,000 animated figures were created by Markus Magnusson. 

For those of us who are young in the heart but have a keen sense of aesthetics, this endeavor was intended for us, according to Magnusson.

This NFT project was in high demand due to its restricted supply at the time of its initial release. This led to astronomically high costs. 

Invisible Friends was completely sold out within a day of its release. Costs rose to 12 ETH when they were originally offered for sale. 

Invisible Friends coined a one-of-a-kind golden NFT dubbed Golden Friend before the official launch of the mint.  Needless to say, its auction represented another success for its creators. 

It’s also worth noting that the creators of Invisible Friends made a large donation to the RCC Charity Fund during the auction. 

An incentive for token holders has been promised by the initiative’s creators. The team has promised on several occasions that Invisible Friends will continue to grow in the future.