GinGr reinvents the oldest industry in the world through the blockchain

GinGr reinvents the oldest industry in the world through the blockchain
The GinGr Platform

That blockchain companies based in Switzerlandr, which deals with the “oldest trade in the world”, is currently on its way with its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) and is already far ahead of the competition with the introduction of its MVP. So GinGr has introduced a novel on-demand platform for love bookings. The service tries to represent the perfect bridge between sex workers, establishments and customers via a user-friendly on-demand platform.

All payments will be processed through the GGCoin ($GGC), which will soon be listed on some of the world’s leading decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Secure and anonymous

The platform, which works similarly to Uber, has a highly complex tool in the background, which will be available to sex workers, establishments and customers online in the future. “Customers and service providers are excited about the opportunities GinGr offers them,” says Sergio Rigert (CEO), adding: “We are the first in the world to launch a secure yet anonymous platform where you can book and receive paid services with just a few clicks.“

MVPs will be deployed mainly in Europe in phase one and will then seek global expansion in the coming months.

During the development of the platform, on which you can book suitable adventures around the clock and everywhere with a few clicks, the focus was on ease of use

Rigert added that the platform is trying to make a very dangerous industry safer by strengthening both supply and demand and giving employees the opportunity to be their own boss. At the same time, customers are also given the right to remain anonymous in a highly secure blockchain environment.

No AirDrop – a WhaleDrop

To get started right from the start, GinGr draws attention to himself with the world’s first “WhaleDrop”. A total of $50,000 in GG Coins will be distributed to the community.

Cryptocurrencies and Paid Dates

The combination of blockchain and the oldest industry in the world has perfect symmetries. Dealing with the highly sensitive nature of the adult industry requires a combination of security, anonymity and the ability to conduct transactions within the crypto industry, which is believed to represent the future of finance around the world. The GinGr team uses the latest technology and the highest security measures against hackers to guarantee security and data protection for sellers and buyers. However, in the unlikely event of an attack or a crime, the perpetrators can still be identified, thanks to the verified registration process required when registering.

Creating a safe environment

Employees now have the opportunity to become their own boss and eliminate middlemen such as individual pimps and agencies. However, as the industry continues to develop, establishments are also allowed to offer the services of their employees on the GinGr platform. Rigert added that all “users are checked and registered because it is important to provide the safest and most pleasant working experience possible”.

GinGr Metaverse World

GinGr NFT and Metaverse are the last parts of the GinGr ecosystem. Users of the GinGr world and especially the ladies who are called can shape their own collections and even get commissioned with their services. This creates a kind of category for customers and services to which they are entitled for the NFT they hold. Details of the GinGr world will be made available to the public shortly, as it is currently in the final stages of its development.

Private GinGr Token Sale

A registration form for all those who express interest in the purchase is available on the official GinGr website. In June, the GinGr token will be listed on several launchpads, followed by DEX listings, the launch of the NFT platform, the launch of the Metaverse platform and a unique Ibiza party to celebrate the success. More information will be shared with the community soon.

About GinGr

GinGr Based in Switzerland is the first worldwide direct end-to-end booking platform for people who are looking for paid dates that use blockchain technology. So GinGr offers a modern and user-friendly way to book and pay for intimate services.

The GG Coin ($GGC) is the primary currency or utility token of the GinGr ecosystem, which enables secure and anonymous payments.

GinGr will also use a security token ($GST), which will eventually act as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) mechanism and will be a part of the company.

GinGr Social Media:

Last updated on May 12, 2022

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