Blockchain Summit LatAm has new allies for the 2022 edition

Blockchain Summit LatAm has new allies for the 2022 edition

Key facts:
  • Binance, Bitget and Visa are some of the new allies of Blockchain Summit LatAm.

  • The Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 will be held from July 6 to 8 at the Panama Convention Center.

The Blockchain Summit LatAm is one of the most important Bitcoin technology events in the region. So it is logical that the number of companies and organizations that want to be part of the conference is increasing. The organizing committee announced on May 16 that new strategic allies would be incorporated.

They are first-level allies that contribute directly or indirectly to the expansion and development of decentralized finance. In total, the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 will have 100 globally recognized exhibitors, more than 30 partner companies and about 1,000 attendees. They will all meet at the Panama Convention Center, from July 6 to 8.

Important allies are part of the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022

Among the new allies who joined this year’s Blockchain Summit LatAm are Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Visa, the leading digital payments network, and Brave, the open source web browser. Bitget, Celo, Algorand Foundation and Exness also stand out in the main category of sponsors of the event.

Other companies related to Bitcoin technology that joined the Blockchain Summit LatAm are: Mexo, Braiins, CoinEx, LocalCryptos, Avalanche, NFTGO, Kraemer and Feanor. The list of possible sponsors has not yet been completed as there are still companies that are in the process of negotiating with the organizing committee.

The allies of the event belong to different sectors of the industry of cryptocurrencies, such as exchanges, payment gateways, development tools, specialists in legal issues and even local banks. With such a wide variety of sponsors, it is evident that the Blockchain Summit LatAm has experienced partners.

Rodrigo Icaza, member of the organizing committee of the Blockchain Summit LatAm, commented: “The event generates an important impact on the local economy, especially in tourism, since blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are topics of global interest, they place Panama on the attraction map to know what is being done, thus identifying ways to invest in our country.”

About Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022

Just a few months before the start of the sixth edition of the event, the organizers want Blockchain Summit LatAm to contribute to highlighting the benefits of Panama to attract investors. The Central American country is not only a solid financial center, but also a benchmark in technological innovation and an important tourist attraction in Latin America.

For the development of the conference, the team has the support of government entities such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the Government Innovation Authority (AIG). In addition, an economic incentive was obtained from the Tourism Promotion Fund (PROMTUR).

Panama will host an event that promises to have a great impact on the ecosystem, and everyone involved is excited and waiting for good results after hard months of work.

This is your opportunity to benefit from the conferences, activities and trainings on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptoassets and more. To participate in the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022, log in to their website or follow their social networks: TwitterInstagram Facebook and YouTube.

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