Bitcoin Pizza Day in Argentina will be celebrated with solidarity donations and free delivery

Bitcoin Pizza Day in Argentina will be celebrated with solidarity donations and free delivery

This Sunday, May 22 will not be another date for the bitcoiner community, since a new anniversary of the first purchase paid with bitcoin (BTC) in history is commemorated. For the occasion, the non-governmental organization Bitcoin Argentina is preparing a solidarity day with local companies.

The event will be held throughout the day on Sunday and it will consist of the donation of funds from three companies in the world of cryptocurrencies, such as the brokers Belo, Buenbit and Lemon, to the charity organization Fundación Sí. The Ordered meal delivery app is also already part of the initiative.

The common fund that is going to be donated does not depend on the total sale of pizzas, but will come directly from the participating companies. In addition, to link the charity day with pizza, the first well paid with bitcoin, there will be an extra benefit for consumers. Paying for a pizza order with Belo, Buenbit or Lemon prepaid cards through PedidosYa, the shipment of the order has no cost in all the cities of Argentina where the application works.

The premise of every May 22 is to commemorate the first purchase with bitcoin in the entire history of cryptocurrency. In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer and miner of BTC in his own home, paid 10,000 BTC in exchange for two family pizzas that arrived at his own home in Florida, United States. At that time, his payment was equivalent to USD 40; currently, that sum would mean disbursing USD 297 million, according to the Crypto News price index.

“For several years we have been celebrating this historic date for Bitcoin with solidarity actions that seek to help society and publicize all the opportunities that this technology brings, both for people and for organizations. This year, Bitcoin Pizza Day 2022 proposes (…) to also give visibility to the possible uses that cryptocurrencies have in daily life.”

-Jimena Vallone, Institutional Development Coordinator of ONG Bitcoin Argentina-.

This is the fourth edition of Bitcoin Pizza Day for solidarity purposes that the NGO Bitcoin Argentina carries out in the country. In 2021, as CriptoNeticias reported, he had collaborated with other companies in the gastronomic field to collect donations for community dining rooms.

The social work of Fundación Sí in Argentina

Yes Foundation, the beneficiary of this day, it is an organization that collaborates with the most vulnerable sectors through educational, training, cultural and community projects.


university residences of the Si Foundation
Fundación Sí also has university residences for students with low economic resources.Source: Yes Foundation/

One of his best-known projects are the night tours that take place in different cities such as Capital Federal, Rosario, La Plata, Córdoba, Posadas, Tucumán and Mar del Plata, among others. Every night of the year, hundreds of volunteers bring warm food and shelter in the winter, or soft drinks in the summer, to donate to people on the streets.

Also, after that first approach, the Foundation is in charge of providing them with other tools for their social, labor or school reintegration. For those who need it, health, psychology and addiction treatment services are also made available.

Other events of this year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day

In addition to Argentina, other countries will also celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, a world day that brings together various participants of the bitcoin ecosystem to celebrate the beginning of a new financial and monetary system.

In the Czech Republic, for example, the Pizza Day Conference will be held, with top-level speakers reviewing the history of the cryptocurrency devised by Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as what can be expected from it in the future. In this case, it is also a non-profit organization that organizes, Parallelní Polis.

Also, various companies in the field of cryptocurrencies carried out commemorative actions during the week and will continue to do so until Sunday, the day of the celebration.

As you can see, the first bitcoin purchase in history is remembered and celebrated all over the world. Although today it would be ridiculous to pay such an amount for two pizzas (or for any reasonable amount of this traditional Italian food), Laszlo Hanyecz went down in history as one of the pioneers of the use of bitcoin in everyday life.