After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the next big coin is now coming –

After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the next big coin is now coming –

The sky is deep red in the crypto country: Bitcoin is worth $ 30,000 today, Ethereum is worth $ 1,900, and the smaller coins are also have fallen into a bottomless pit since the beginning of the week. In fact, we are talking about Value losses between 30 and 50%. Bitcoin and Co. are on a deep red decline – and there is no end in sight!

But there are some notable exceptions: DeFi Coins and DeFi projects now make the well-known cryptocurrencies look old. Because in addition to the course gains, the high returns through staking and farming.



What are DeFi Coins? What is the principle behind your success? Where to expect a price jump and which coins are worth buying in 2022?

What are DeFi Coins and DeFi Projects?

DeFi is the Abbreviation for decentralized finance – they have a lot of potential for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. DeFi projects are projects that offer services as we know them from traditional banks, but omit the middle man. For example, DeFi projects Loans or savings accounts without third party intermediaries possible.

The DeFi coins DEFC and LBLOCK are particularly promising. Here you can find out what these coins and the associated projects are all about.

What makes the DeFi Coin (DEFC) special?

Defi coin

The DeFi Coin (DEFC) is a project in the field of decentralized finance, which is currently incredible price gains can register. Within a week the value of the coin has jumped from 0.1 US dollars to 0.56 US dollars – these are more than 460 percent! Considering the sad situation of other cryptocurrencies, this borders on a miracle. So why is the coin pumping so hard and is it still worth buying?

The DeFi Coin was launched on May 10, 2021. Over the course of the year, the team presented their ambitious roadmap. But then nothing happened for a long time, the fans became impatient and the course buckled. Until recently. Because now the next milestone of the roadmap has been successfully implemented: With DeFi Swap, the decentralized exchange including the farming pool of the project went online. The DEFC, in turn, is the native token of DeFi Swap and so it is not surprising that it has benefited directly from the launch of the DEX.

DeFi Swaps Swap-Earn-Farm-Stake ecosystem

The goal of DeFi Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to earn interest through staking and yield farming. About the area “Swap” users can easily and easily buy and sell their coins. This is done directly with other users without a middleman.

In addition, there is a Staking Pool, in which your own coins can be stacked in order to receive a reward for it. About the Yield-Framingwhich, in turn, will be rewarded with fixed interest payments for a fixed period of time, a liquidity pool will also be created from which crypto loans can be granted.

So the concept behind the platform rewards the buying and holding of coins financially, because this allows users to pay dividends with a fixed bonus structure.

With their plans around NFTs and the swap-earn-farm-stake ecosystem prepared for brilliant growth, DeFi Coin and DeFi Swap are ideally suited to secure a share of the lucrative returns that DeFi offers.

For example, DeFi Swap currently offers four core plans with extremely attractive returns for DEFC’s farming:

  • Bronze: 30 days – 30% APY
  • Silver: 90 days – 45% APY
  • Gold: 180 days – 60% APY
  • Platinum: 365 days – 75% APY

The project is based on the Binance smart chain and can score points with low gas prices and high transaction speed. The all-time high of the coin was 4 US dollars, currently it trades at 0.36 US dollars. In view of the current upswing, it is not unrealistic to set a price target at which the coin is trading above 2.0 US dollars again. This would mean a 10x profit for investors!

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – decentralized lottery on the blockchain

The Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK) could also benefit from the hype around decentralized projects. This coin belongs to the innovative lottery project of the same name. Lucky Block is planning the first draw of their crypto lottery for this May and the total prize pool available in the lottery will start at $ 2,40 million, the company explained.

But what does a lottery have to do with cryptocurrencies and then also with the principle of decentralization? Traditional lotteries often have to deal with accusations of partisanship and unfair winning mechanisms. In contrast, Lucky Block’s goal is to build a fairer and more transparent lottery.

Therefore, you have decided on a blockchain project: Thus, both the algorithm for the raffles and the transactions are publicly visible, the fraud potential is significantly smaller. In addition, the operation of crypto lotteries is significantly cheaper and this has a positive effect on the amount of prize payouts.

According to their principle of fairness, in addition to paid opportunities, it will be – one lot costs $ 5 – also free participation opportunities giving: Each token holder automatically gets a free ticket for the daily jackpot draws. This is how the team wants to appeal to a broad segment of the population.

Furthermore, the following is planned for the splitting of the jackpot of Lucky Block:

10% of the total daily jackpot is donated to charity organizations, 10% will be returned to the token holders in the form of their reward, 8% will go to Lucky Block for marketing purposes and 2% will be put back for the separate Lucky Block NFT prize draw.

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Last updated on May 12, 2022

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